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Do you know how loose-leaf paper is bound?

1. Use metal binders
The inner pages of the loose-leaf book are fixed by the binder in the cover. After the content is used up, you can also buy a separate [metal binder] to bind the inner pages. When purchasing, pay attention to the size and hole spacing of the binder.
2. Paper clip + rubber band
In fact, using paper clips + rubber bands, two commonly used small stationery, can bind the inner pages. As shown in the figure, after passing the rubber band through the two loose-leaf holes on the inner page, hook it with a paper clip.
3. Plastic spiral coil
Use a plastic spiral coil to bind the loose-leaf paper, which is convenient for turning pages. Align the hole of the loose-leaf paper with the coil, and slowly rotate according to the rotation direction of the spiral coil, and then the loose-leaf paper can be fixed on the coil.

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