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Book binding! Do you understand?

Paperback is a commonly used binding form at present. The binding method is simple and the cost is low. It is often used for periodicals and books with a relatively large number of prints.
① Saddle stitching. This is the simplest method in book design. It is suitable for journals and pamphlets with few pages. The ordering place does not occupy the layout, and the paper utilization rate is high, but the disadvantage is that the pages must be matched in even numbers. In addition, the iron wire is easy to rust and has poor firmness.
② Flat order. Side-stitching is a three-eye stitch or wire binding on the layout near the spine. Thin books can also be ordered with sewing machine thread. It is easy to use and can be ordered in both even and odd numbers. The disadvantage is that the pages cannot be aligned, which makes it inconvenient to read. Secondly, the nail holes occupy about 5mm of layout, which reduces the utilization rate of paper. Flat binding is not suitable for thick books, and the wire is easy to rust and break, which affects the appearance and causes the pages to be scattered.
③ Lock the thread to order. Thread-locking is to link the pages of a post with a thread. It is relatively firm and easy to flatten. It is suitable for thicker books and is an ideal binding method, but the cost is high.
④Wireless adhesive backing. Glue-back binding is also called glue-back binding and adhesive binding. Due to its good flatness, a large number of books currently use this binding method. However, since there is no corresponding industry standard or national standard for the quality of hot melt adhesive, the usage method is not standardized. Therefore, the quality of the glue-bound books has not yet reached a satisfactory level, and the glue will age over time, which will lead to scattered pages.
Most of our common magazines use saddle stitching; wire-bound books and plastic spiral coil binding belong to flat binding; lock-stitch glue binding is commonly used in large albums, which is relatively firm, but the binding speed is slow; wireless glue binding is often used for high-end small albums, which are too thick The book is easily degummed after being folded many times.

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