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The Magical Use of Calendar Hooks

In the past, when electronic devices were not yet popular, "calendar hook" was a necessary object in daily life. We turned a page of the calendar every day to start a new day, and we also wrote down those important things on the calendar. Nowadays, people rarely use traditional calendars, but they still retain the calendar complex, perhaps because the calendar represents "time" and "memory", and also represents our yearning for a better life.
After more than half a year of design proofing and process optimization, Shi Zuojun can finally give this special "calendar clothes hanger" to his family and friends. It can not only remind us to remember the time, remember important days, but also not lose the "sense of ritual" that once turned the calendar, but also bring a little fun and little luck to ordinary life.
The "Calendar Clothes Hanger" adopts a positive and negative dynamic design. The wooden board looks like a pile of garbled characters, but when you gently slide the disc, different numbers and daily dates appear. The design of the combination of the calendar and the clothes hanger allows you to hang and pick up clothes when you go out and go home every day. Inadvertently, you can move or pay attention to the numbers on the calendar in such a normal life habit. The delicate brass hooks exude a warm and delicate luster, and will bring traces of life with time. The slightly upward angle design makes the suspension more stable.
The simple, stylish and lightweight appearance of "Calendar Clothes Hanger" can be hung anywhere in the home, whether it is the entrance, living room or bedroom, whether it is fresh, simple or deep. Can hold live in any occasion, it can be said that heavy makeup is always affordable. In addition, the "calendar clothes hanger" can also help to cover the imperfect place in the home, such as the "electric box", which can not only beautify and enhance the appearance easily, but also can be flexibly fixed by the built-in magnets attracting each other. Disassembly will not affect the normal use of the electrical box.